In my free time (the whole ten minutes a day I get of it, that is), I like to write stuff. Stories, scripts, you name it. Here is a small sample of some of my writing.

My Mother Earth – This is an essay that I wrote for a literature class. The assignment was to write a character study about someone we knew, so I wrote about my mother-in-law.

Shimmer – It’s a sci-fi short story.
The Money – This is a short story I wrote for a ‘creating a character’ exercise in a class.
Blood Oaths: In the Beginning – Wrote it for a White Wolf World of Darkness contest and it inspired me to write more about the main characters.


Possessions – This is a horror/thriller screenplay about a fallen angel and the only man who can save the world. It’s the first screenplay I ever finished and I entered it into the Great Lakes Film Association screenplay contest and made it into the group of finalists. It was entered into Project Greenlight3.
LOGLINE: In 1976, Dylan Jacobs accidentally unleashed a demon into the world. Now, 28 years later, he has a chance to redeem himself, but it could end with the destruction of everything he’s trying to protect.
Possessions now appears on Inktip.com!

Return to the Labyrinth – I wrote this for an online moviemaking game. Somehow it spiraled out of control a few years ago and apparently everyone who read it thinks it’s the real sequel to Labyrinth, which was one of my favorite movies of all time. Nope, it’s not. It’s just for a game. But I’m glad it’s been so well received!

The Last Days of Atlantis – One day I asked myself ‘Self, what do YOU think happened to Atlantis?’. And this screenplay is my answer. It’s about a young man who finds himself being blamed for the end of the world. He has a chance to escape Atlantis with his life, but can he go without the woman he loves?