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Hats, Crazy Hair and Change

This week is Spirit Week here in the department, which is an exercise in team-building. Each day we have a new theme and today’s theme is hats and crazy hair.

I wonder if the fact that my hair is a normal color and style today qualifies as ‘crazy.’

After great consideration, I have decided to leave my hair this shade for a while. I originally did it for the wedding, but Teq likes it this color and it’s been a while since I’ve been a redhead. Just need new headshots soon for the red.


Hangover Hair Fix

So I realized the other day that if I spend an hour and a half drying and curling/flat ironing my hair every day, that’s over ten hours a week spent on that alone. But the problem is, if I don’t wash my hair every day, the roots get shiny and cling to my head like a toddler clings to sugary snacks. So while shopping the other day, I decided to test run a dry shampoo. If it worked well, the idea would be that I could use that on days where I didn’t have time to wash, dry, smooth, straighten, curl and spray my hair into place.

And this is how I fell in love with Batiste Blush. If you follow the directions that clearly read to shake vigorously between each spray and if you don’t use too much of it and if you properly massage it into your hair and scalp, you’ll probably love it, too.

I highly recommend it to anyone who might not have time to wash and blow out and style their hair in the morning if they are running late or after a workout or something. (Yes, I’m talking hangover hair. We’ve all been there.) Just spray it in, making sure you shake the can a lot between sprays. It sounds like a spray can of paint and will coat your hair with a white powder of sorts. Rub it in vigorously with your fingertips when you’re done, then brush it out. I like to make sure I brush all the way down to the roots, so I section it off. Otherwise you might just smooth over the top and not get the inside scalp oils and spray powder. I even shake the brush a little as I brush, like you would with a mascara wand.

When you’re done, your hair will still be styled like it was, but have a lot more body and a lot less oil in it. In fact, since it eliminates the oils, it might even look better than it did before.

The only drawback to using this is that it has a pretty intense scent for an hour or so after you use it. It’s not so much that you’d notice it all the time, but at first, if your hair gets near your nose, you’ll probably detect it.

Overall, it’s a great quick fix.