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Took me to Hell and back… (and how to not use

Ahh, Hell. It should bring forth images of heat. Unbearable heat that melts you to the seat of your car and doesn’t let up. Alas, no. Hell was frozen.

Ahh, Hell. It should bring forth images of heat. Unbearable heat that melts you to the seat of your car and doesn’t let up.

Alas, no. Hell was frozen.

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Adventures in Bad Axe

This was the weekend of The Twins Take On Bad Axe (otherwise known as the road trip for R & K’s wedding).

Friday began slow, with Teq allowing me to sleep in for a bit. It was luxurious and nice, but I was still a bit too stressed out to entirely enjoy it. I had many errands to run to prepare for the trip. We hoped to be on the road around 2 PM, so I rolled myself out of bed and got ready to go. I had to make my hair pretty, because I knew that we wouldn’t have a chance to on the way and I wanted to look nice for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It wouldn’t do to scare off the seven groomsmen and various friends/family of the groom whom I hadn’t yet met!

I had to go to Troy for a fitting for Red Dawn next week. My time to be there was between 9-10 AM. I finished there and realized that I left all my makeup at home so I had only powder and lipgloss in my purse. Which would usually be fine, as I don’t really wear makeup in my day-to-day life, but I had to go to Royal Oak for an audition! So I stopped and bought some mascara (which I HIGHLY recommend: LashBlast Luxe — it has a pink tint that you don’t really see but I love AND it stays on and doesn’t flake off or rub off under my eyes AT ALL. Which when you have very deep-set eyes like I do is always an issue. Plus it made my lashes look awesome.) and put it on then went to the audition.

My audition time was at 11. I arrived at 10:48, got my folder with my headshots, looked over the sides again, checked that my hair was staying somewhat under control and walked up to the building, only to find that it was locked! I’d been there before so I knew it was the right door and looking in, I could see the sign for actors to sign in. But nobody was there… around 11:10, the casting director’s assistant showed up and apologized. He didn’t realize they had someone booked right at 11, they usually don’t schedule anyone before 11:30 as they ‘open’ at 11. Still, it worked out great! He has a great sense of humor and I remember him from the previous audition there. There was a slight crisis via phone and email that he had to take care of, but I was patient and not in a hurry because I know Ang wasn’t going to be ready for at least an hour as she had a meeting.

Audition went well, I think! I’m glad because I would like the casting director to review the tape and realize that unlike last time, I am NOT typically unprepared and horrible. Though I think it wasn’t quite my fault last time as I was given the wrong information about what I was reading for. Nothing like getting to an audition to find out that the role’s been cast and you have to do on-the-spot improv without having any background information about the production or the character. Especially when you have to do it all without using actual words. At the end of reading the sides (which I honestly felt I did a good job on!), there was something more. Since these are European filmmakers, apparently they like you to add a 15-30 second reel talking about yourself so they can get to know a bit more about you. I did my little info burst and at the end went ‘OKAYBYE!’ and realized omg. OH EM GEE. I just okaybyed the filmmakers on my tape. I asked Jim if I could go do it again and he laughed, said it was fine as it was. Well, at least I know I’ll be memorable!

Then it was out to Ann Arbor for more errands. First off, had to stop by work to feed my fish because I forgot to ask my friend to feed them on Friday (she’s feeding them all next week while I’m off doing Red Dawn). Turns out she realized I was gone and fed them already! YAY! I have awesome friends. So I did that, then I picked up the Ang at the mall parking lot across the road, then we went to Fed Ex to send off something to be returned. I ended up in there for about 20 minutes making new friends with the people who worked there. Poor Ang, sitting in the car while I ran out to get business cards and saying ‘Okay I’ll be done in a sec!’ — but I was able to give one guy some info that I think will be very informative and helpful for him and might have gotten Teq some business out of the deal so YAY for that!

Then it was off to the dry cleaning place that did the alterations on my dress for the wedding. I was scared. I didn’t have time to get it fixed if they screwed it up, since I hadn’t gotten the dress until about a week before the wedding because David’s Bridal ordered the wrong thing and it was a mess. BUT!!! The dress fit PERFECTLY! I was so happy! Looking at pictures, I have to say that them taking in my skirt a little bit as well when they took almost 5 inches in at the waist made it hang so much better than the original cut of that style dress. Anyway, I was giddy!

After errands were done, we went back to the mall for her car, then drove to my house. On the way, her car started to freak out all over again. Engine light staying on, etc. So we decided we’d take my car to Bad Axe instead. It’s better than potentially breaking down in the middle of nowhere! So we packed up my car, I woke up Teq for a goodbye kiss and we were off! It was around 2:30 when we left.

The trip was uneventful. Lots of driving. Stopped a couple of times for gas and then to eat and stuff. I was never so happy to find a Rite Aid or a bank in my life, so I’ll just throw that out there. I was never this far into the thumb before and it was BEAUTIFUL. The trees were just starting to really turn, so the leaves hadn’t all fallen off yet. The air was clear, the sun was bright and it was just nice all around. Even around Flint the traffic wasn’t bad and I expected it to be horrible.

We made it there just in time for the rehearsal dinner. It was starting to get dark out, so I was glad to be at the destination so we weren’t looking for it in the dark. We ate, then headed over to the wedding chapel for the rehearsal. Now mind you, everything is like 30-45 minutes apart there. EVERYTHING. So we spent a lot of time in the car over the weekend just getting from one place to another. Also, everything is cash only up there. The hair place, the bars, everything. I had no idea we’d be that far out of civilization that they don’t use credit or debit cards anywhere except Taco Bell and Walmart!

Anyway, the rehearsal went off great except when I got up the aisle, I kept turning the wrong way. Everyone else would spin to their left as they got into place, I kept spinning to the right. It was just weird. I did get it right at the actual ceremony though! YAY! Also, since we hadn’t checked in at the hotel, I had my dress in the car so we were able to bring it down to the dressing area so I didn’t have to worry about it the next day. That was pretty awesome, actually.

Then it was like two hours to drive to the hotel (okay, more like 35ish mins) and we checked in and still had a bit of time to go to the pool since the pool closed at midnight! Oh, Sister-The-Eldest had the room connected to ours, so we were back and forth between the rooms all weekend long. That was pretty fun, especially since I like her boyfriend Brian who came with her. We all get along great and it made it helpful when we were getting ready and stuff. Plus it helped us put a dent in the JD and Coca-Cola.

So we got ready, went downstairs and they had a hot tub! The hot tub was taken over by the bridal party, including the bride who was staying in their suite that they had for their wedding night. She stayed there so he wouldn’t see her before the wedding. At nearly midnight they came in to tell us we had to get ready to leave. Finally the screaming teenagers who kept running, screaming and splashing went back so we had about 2 minutes of quiet and relaxation finally. Then it was off to bed!

Got up, showered and got dressed and was in the lobby at 8 to leave for our hair appointments. My hair looked awesome, though it’s not a style I’d typically do. It was curly and not frizzy at all! YAY! When she finished, she sprayed it with glitter, too. So not only was my hair non-frizzy, it was sparkly. I do love me some sparkles! R decided to get sparkles added to her hair, too.

Eventually we got to the chapel and got dressed. I helped lace R into her wedding gown, which had a lace-up corset back. Took a while but it was worth it because it looked very cute. We all looked very cute, actually!

Then deep breath, it was time for the ceremony. As stated before, I turned the correct way! YAY for me! The ceremony went without a hitch, I did my best to keep her train straight and held her flowers when necessary and helped her stepdaughter who was the flower girl, making sure she was in the right place at the right time. It was a very pretty ceremony and fairly short. Then we went outside for pictures.

It got COLD out. BRR! We took some awesome pictures, then loaded onto the party bus to go get pictures done at the farm, then a bar crawl on the way to the reception. The party bus was loaded up with booze and we made a decent dent in it on the way.

Then the bus broke down.

Seriously. The. Bus. Broke. Down. Mind you, we’re in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but corn, cows and wind turbines as far as the eye can see. But one of the groomsmen lived on a farm not far away so we headed there to await the new bus. This works out great because several of us have to pee at this point because of the booze consumption and the cold and the bumpy ride. Only… the couple whose house it was? Had left the key at the reception hall in the car and carpooled to the chapel. Eventually we figured it out that they had a spare but for a while we were giving serious consideration to pulling a Mobile and peeing in the field. 🙂 Which was fun in our fancy gowns with many layers.

The new bus arrived, and we were back on our way! We were supposed to stop at two farms for pictures, but the bus fiasco cut into our time so we only had time to stop at K’s farm. And there we got the famous BIG GREEN TRACTOR PICTURE. Because nothing says awesome like a bunch of drunks in fancy clothes on a tractor.

I have to admit, though. It was fun and it was an experience I will quite likely never get to experience again. Plus by then we were intoxicated enough to forget that it was freezing cold out. That is, in my book, always a bonus, right?

Then it was on to the bar crawl, going to both bars in a fifty million mile radius. Of course, both were cash only, but it worked out because the last thing I needed was to keep doing shots of whiskey. By then I wanted to start sobering up some so I stopped going drink-for-drink with the guys. Ang was pretty sober for the entire trip and during the reception. In fact, when we got to the reception, it was an open bar! But by then I didn’t even want to drink anymore.

The reception was fun and beautiful and we had some inside jokes for the bridal party and then by 11:30, everyone was pretty much tired and ready for bed. It’d been ten hours since the wedding started and most of them got up around 4 AM or so, so it was time to call it a night. Ang and I were among the last to arrive. Got back and had to shower. Took four times of washing my hair to get all the glitter and hairspray out. Then I got online to talk to Teq for a few, since my phone was not getting very good reception (for a while, I couldn’t make calls but I could RECEIVE them and I could send text messages so that was odd) and plus it was on roaming and cost me 59 cents a minute. For realsies. That’s insane! So I got on IM for a bit and then went to sleep.

Then it was wake up and drive home! So we did. Hit some crazy traffic on the way and stuff, but it wasn’t too bad.

Got some laundry started and have to get ready to get up at 4 AM so I can be on the set of Red Dawn in time!

So that was Misty and Angie take on Bad Axe.

Tune in later for lots of Bad Axe and Ubly jokes. We had nothing else to do in the drive than make bad jokes. 🙂