INTERACTIVE PDF PORTFOLIO AVAILABLE AT /docs/MistyMillsPortfolio.pdf — please note, this is an extensive display of my body of work and as such will take several minutes to download.

 Also make sure you check out my work on LAWFUL EVIL MEDIA, my design website.



Illustrations I’ve done for the classes required for my design degree. Click on small image for a larger view.

Tulips This is a picture of tulips that was drawn in Illustrator. The assignment was to recreate a picture of something. So being that it was an early spring day so I decided to do some flowers and tulips allowed me to work with some shading techniques I wanted to try out.
Fly Away! The assignment here was to make a poster. We were given the text and then given free reign on creating our own design.
Lighthouses I loved this assignment. It was one of my favorites, actually. We were told to draw a lighthouse. So we did. Then we were given a list of terms and had to redo our lighthouse picture to symbolize those words. All in all, I think it turned out great and it was a lot of fun to do, as well as a great exercise in looking at things in different perspectives.
Stained Glass This was another Illustrator project, this time the assignment was to create a realistic ‘stained glass’ gradient mesh. I love the colors in this one.
Zoobilation! This was a two-part assignment. The first was to create a logo for the fictional ‘Ann Arbor Park Zoo’. Then the second half was to create a poster (the text was provided) to advertise a fundraiser for the zoo.


Samples of some work I’ve done for print purposes.

Invitation to a bridal shower. 2009 One of many invitation designs available upon request.
One of a series of games designed for a baby shower. One of many styles of shower games available upon request.
Logo I designed for Fangirl Films, an indie film company in the Metro Detroit area.
Poster sized sign for 2009 Service Awards for UMHS Department of Outpatient Registration and Insurance Verification.
MCRT's Antigone 2004 These are the print items I’ve done for MCRT’s March 2004 production of Antigone.
POSTCARD (front)
POSTCARD(back)Here is a link to the mention of me in the program.
MCRT Logo MCRT logo
I redesigned MCRT’s logo for Antigone to give it a more thematic feel. Click on the image to get a larger view of the marbled logo.



These are websites I’ve designed and/or maintain.

Star Trek: Osiris Star Trek: OsirisThis is a website I help maintain for Star Trek: Osiris, a web series which I produce.
Ypsi Massage Ypsi Massage MechanicsDesigned, implemented and maintained website for Massage Mechanics in Ypsilanti, MI.
Christophermills.net ChristopherMills.NetServing all of southeastern Michigan’s computer consulting needs.
Paramore Films Paramore FilmsDesigned, implemented and maintained site for Paramore Films, a film production studio.
UMHS TEC Page* University of Michigan Health System Training, Education & CommunicationI maintained the website content, graphics and coldfusion forms. Must be logged into UMHS computer to access site.
UMHS EDQM Page* University of Michigan Health System Education, Development & Quality ManagementI redeveloped the EDQM website since the merger of TEC and CRT teams. I handled all content, code and graphic design for site. Must be logged into UMHS computer to access site.
UM Hospital Financial Services Page* University of Michigan Hospital Financial Services DepartmentI was one of a team of people who update the content on this site as needed. Must be logged into UMHS computer to access site.
UMHS KMS Page* University of Michigan Health System KMS BuildingResource site I handled for the KMS Fusion Building at University of Michigan. Must be logged into UMHS computer to access site.
UM Pathology Page University of Michigan Department of PathologyI did all the graphic design, images, title banner, layout, templates and flash navigation for the site. Must be logged into UMHS computer to access site.
Bluebells Previous layout of MistyMills.com (my personal website)This is a previous layout for my website. I have not archived any layouts prior to this.
Invading Redemption Invading Redemption (a FilmTycoonmovie site)I don’t usually put up my FilmTycoon movie sites, but this one was nominated for a FilmTycoon Award for best website, so I thought I’d show it off a little. Surprisingly, this one only took a very short amount of time. I created the videos in Flash.