om nom noms: Surprise! Meringues!

We’ve been talking about doing an epic A2D2 cookbook as a fundraiser and in theme, we’ve been talking about doing recipes that relate to our derby name. As I am Little Ref Riding Hood, I decided I’ll put in a recipe for some cookies. Which made me think about cookies. Which made me want cookies.

Now typically, wanting cookies isn’t such a bad thing. Especially when we have bags of Chips Ahoy! cookies scattered around the house. Oh, delicious baked goodness with chocolate chips, how I adore thee. Only they contain that ebil glutenz stuff I can’t have, so they’re out of the question for me. Instead, I dug up the recipe for Surprise Meringue cookies and made a batch. They were gone about ten seconds after I opened the bag around a bunch of ravenous derby girls at practice. So I’ve decided that since so many people don’t want to wait for the cookbook to know how to make them, I’d share the recipe a bit early. Here you go!

SURPRISE MERINGUES (Gluten free, but contain walnuts)

2 egg whites
1/8 TSP salt
1/8 TSP cream of tartar
1 TSP vanilla
3/4 cup sugar
1 6oz. package of mini chocolate chips
1/4 cup chopped walnuts

Beat egg whites, salt, cream of tartar and vanilla until soft peaks form. Add sugar gradually. Fold in chocolate chips and nuts. Cover cookie sheet with paper (yes, plain ol’ paper out of your printer). Drop them by the spoonful onto the paper gently. Bake at 300 degrees for 25 minutes. Makes approximately 2 dozen.

Now, some things I’ve learned over the years:
Do NOT overbeat the egg whites. Try to let your eggs get to be room temperature before beating. If you have it, use real vanilla instead of imitation. Bake them on the top shelves in the oven so they get lightly browned on the bottom instead of dark brown with gooey middles. Use two spoons to drop them with one pushing it off the other spoon. Don’t use your fingers, you might accidentally lick the stuff off and ew. Raw egg whites.

Also, don’t take a batch to derby practice unless you want to be attacked and mauled and given huge chocolate-chip-smeared kisses to your cheeks. 🙂 In fact, the best deployment method is to sneak them in, put them on a table and yell HEY! FREE COOKIES as you make a run for it.