New meaning of Lunatics…

Last night I took Princess J to see New Moon. It made me feel old when I realized I was checking out Edward’s dad more than I was checking out the main two guys.

The throng of fangirls didn’t seem too pleased with my t-shirt. Somehow, I still managed to make it out alive.

A full review will come later, but for now I have to share one amusing moment.

I turned to R, leaned in and whispered, “At least this dialogue isn’t quite as bad as the first one.” And as I leaned back over to my own side, Jacob yells out “It’s about to get UGLY IN HERE!” and at the same time we both said “Or not…”

That’s one thing about being a screenwriter. I really pay attention to dialogue now.

As far as story goes, not a whole lot really happens in this movie. A boy breaks up with a girl and leaves town. Girl finds out that her best friend (who happens to be a really ripped, kinda hot guy) and her might have a little something going on, but it’s going to take her time to get over the guy that left. She mopes (for months and months) and one day she snaps out of it and returns to the world of the living, just in time to get mixed up with the guy who left all over again. Oh and he sparkles so I guess that must count for something, right?