Motor City Comic Con 2010

So once again, the Motor City Comic Con is done for the year. It’s an exciting weekend, but it’s always exhausting and stressful.

I love working the booth each year, especially when it entails something I am passionate about, and just about everyone should know by now that I am very passionate about Star Trek: Osiris.

I’m more than happy to leave the booth layout and work schedule to Jay Miller, our Senior Executive Producer, since I have enough scheduling to do in my day-to-day life and job. In fact, majority of what I do involves scheduling and rescheduling classes and meetings and teleconferences and– well, you get the picture. It takes enough out of you to stand at the booth all day answering questions and talking to people. It’s a good thing that interacting with people on that level rejuvenates me to some degree, because three days of that is rough no matter who you are or how much sleep you manage to get each night.

The con itself is always fun. You get to meet new people and I always enjoy meeting fans of the series. It still surprises me when people come up to the booth and say they’ve watched the series or they heard my interview on the radio or they saw an article about us somewhere. I don’t think I will ever get used to people recognizing me, either by my name or my character’s name. Granted, I am not a big name actress, but it’s a taste of what it must be like for them and it’s a bit strange.

So in addition to the convention, of which I have pictures and video galore and will someday do a full documentation of the epic weekend that is Comic Con, there is always the important AFTERPARTY on Saturday night.

Saturday afternoon, Mary and I spent quite some time talking to Marilyn Ghigliotti and Dawn Wells, so when they showed up at the afterparty, they were sitting with us! And we got to hang with Ray Park for a short while, too. Yes folks, I was hanging with Darth Maul himself. Sometimes it feels like my life can’t be real. Too many strange and amazing things tend to happen to me and around me.

I’ll probably provide more information and details later; right now I’m just plain exhausted.