Alas, poor Spocklar! I knew him, Horatio! A fish of infinite stupidity, of most epic failitude…

Yes, I came to work today to yet another episode of fishicide. 🙁 Spocklar decided to make a grand leap from his bowl in the night and I came in to find him prone on the floor.

Alas, alack. Soooo, I bought a new fish, for in my world, the only way to ease a betta-shaped hole in my heart is to buy a new one.

And so I introduce to everyone, Horatio. He joins his sister Bernard 2.0 in Mistyland. I just hope he decides to, ya know, stay in the bowl…

About Misty

Yeah, she's pretty awesome. Also, she does not believe that Skynet should get her information so she's not putting it up. Well not right now anyway. YOU DO NOT CONTROL ME, MACHINE.