Firefly audition

Last week I wasn’t able to make the auditions for Firefly: The Ruins of Du-Khang, which made me sad. I was busy being awesome, glittery and somewhat intoxicated in Bad Axe with my evil twin and other family and friends. BUUUUT luckily they had a couple of hours of open auditions this morning before they had their callbacks. I went and was cast on the spot for a supporting role!

Then we had a table read of it and I was pleased to find out that TWO of my Osiris castmates are also cast!

I’m very giddy for this, because I am entirely a Joss Whedon fangirl and I adore Firefly.

In fact, aside from specific fandoms and certain situations with indie/student filmmakers, I’m pretty much past working for free. I know that sounds a bit full of myself, but really. My incident with Midnight Hour made me realize that I’m over working for free. (Basically, I was told that if I wanted to work for free, I had the role I auditioned for, but I wasn’t good enough to PAY for the role. Even though the auditions were stated as being for PAYING roles.) I’m experienced enough and good enough to be paid for what I do. Even if it’s on deferred payment, at least it’s not volunteer work. So if I’m going to do something for free, it has to be something that A. I really want to be a part of (such as Firefly fandom!) or B. it has to be for a student/new indie filmmaker OR someone I greatly believe in and want to help succeed.

So anyway, YAY for Firefly. I’m giddy to be part of it and I’m going to love this role. I get kidnapped and beat up. Hey Mary, guess it’s finally my turn to be the damsel in distress! 🙂

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