Arts and the artists.

Yesterday was a lovely photoshoot with the amazing Tafari, one of my favorite photographers in the Detroit area. We did the shoot at the DIA, which I had never been to. Yes, I grew up minutes away from the Detroit Institute of Arts and I had never gone. I’ve also never been to Greenfield Village. Someday I’ll make a point to go to all the places in the area I’ve never been, be them tourist attractions or just hole-in-the-wall places like D’Mongo’s.

Anyway, I’m very happy with how my new headshots turned out! I figured being a redhead now, I needed to get some new ones, and I can’t have picked a better location than the DIA.

One thing I hate about having my picture taken, especially for headshots, is that I tend to worry about the composition. I have a particular style I like best in my headshots and I always fret if the photographer is going to capture what I want. With Tafari, I never have to worry. He’s a great photographer, but moreso, he’s a great artist. He has an eye for composition that you can’t learn, you’re either born with it or not. And he doesn’t let you down!

So the banner has some samples of what he did. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs any sort of photography done. See his website for rates and info!