Misty’s Quick ‘About Me’ Links

Hi! You may be here because you checked out Misty’s QR code! You’re currently on Misty’s personal website (www.mistymills.com). Feel free to look around. I am a graphic designer, web designer, instructional designer and filmmaker.

Other links you may be interested in:

My vCard: misty.vcf

Resume in PDF format: MistyMills-resume

Misty’s Lawful Evil Media design samples and website: www.lawfulevilmedia.com

Misty’s interactive PDF Portfolio (45MB): www.mistymills.com/docs/MistyMillsPortfolio.pdf

Misty’s LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/mistymills

Website for FlashFocused, the Ann Arbor Adobe User Group: www.flashfocused.org

Misty’s Star Trek webseries: www.stosiris.com

Misty’s imdb: www.imdb.com/name/nm3106099

About the Author

Yeah, she's pretty awesome. Also, she does not believe that Skynet should get her information so she's not putting it up. Well not right now anyway. YOU DO NOT CONTROL ME, MACHINE.