A vs P vs The Land Down Undah

So according to the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification Board, the Alien vs. Predator video game is too violent and won’t get a classification, which means it is effectively banned from stores in Australia. The decision comes in the same week the board refused classification for another video game, CrimeCraft, for showing positive effects of in-game drug use.

Basically, the Aussie government is telling its people: “Yeah, you might be old enough to decide for yourself if you want to play a game that has violence and/or fictional drug use, but we’re not going to give you that option!”

This really reminds me a lot of the ban on flavored cigarettes (including cloves) that the Obama administration has slapped on us, stating that the reasoning behind the ban is because they feel flavored cigarettes make kids want to start smoking. Meanwhile, my personal theory is that once I turned 18 and am legally able to purchase items, it should be my decision if I want them or not.

Am I alone in wishing that the governments of this world would stop trying to dictate how we live our lives and start putting all that effort and funding into things like food shortages, job shortages, medical needs and education?

This isn’t a political statement of any sort, I’m just starting to wonder if this world has its priorities upside down sometimes.

What do you think?